Online Courts, Benefits and desires

رسیدگی قضایی در دادگاه های آنلاین٬ معایب و مزایای آن

Perhaps, one of the most controversial issues is online activities. Nowadays, traffic jam, high cost of public and private transportation system, hectic daily schedules and economic issues persuading people to spend more time at their offices or homes, have excused citizens to use online facilities more and more. Online courts are purposed to assist all parties involved in a judicial system to meet their individual or official needs. Whereas it has some benefits in the field of saving time, energy and money, this new innovation can face them some drawbacks encouraging them to remove this plan from their policy maker’s desk. Generally, it seems the privileges outweigh its problems.

First and foremost, people do not have any solution to live better unless they focus on the time consuming item like energy and economic ones. Undoubtedly, one of the most important issues in megacities is about how people should spend their time and energy as what they are expected to do. People have a myriad of problems to perform as designed by their daily reminders, because the human relationships have been complicated more and more and expanded more deeply. Their duties as an employer, employee, father, mother, wife, husband and so on are more requested to the extent that they are necessary for a citizen to live individually and socially.

An official session in the court will waste all your daily time some times. For example, a plaintiff or accused person should be in the court building one hour in advance. You have to exchange some documents if you have already recruited a lawyer for your claim. It is a serious time consuming to talk to your translator, if you are a foreigner who cannot or do not speak to the court language. In addition, the court buildings are normally in the city centers where you are faced to some disgusting traffic jam. Therefore, you must take a bus or taxi one or two hours sooner. You need this time to go back your office or home after the session of the court too. By clicking a botton and defending your claim by an online court session, your time will be saved. It is obvious that your energy will be managed similarly. You are not obliged to spend more energy about your arranging the suitable clothes, taking taxi or bus, or changing your daily plans or even discuss your boss to request a leave or asking your friends or colleagues to do your function for this period of time. Hence, your money will be managed better. Your leave, the fees for taxi or bus or laundries, and son on will be decreased, if your physical presence is not obligatory. On the other word, the fees managing a session court like for hosting, cleaning, power energy, security check and so on are coming down. The governments can save their budget for more necessary duties instead of the recruitment security staff, for example.

Having cited above points, I believe strongly in the idea that the online courts can assist people to live more comfortably, while it is not possible to remove completely traditional session courts. Seemingly, people can enjoy more facilities in a judicial body if the online services have been developed more. Because some people are obliged to ignore their rights, due to this fact that they are unable to lodge their applications or defending their claims by person. They are also suffering not to recruit a lawyer because they have not enough money for that. As a result, the on line judicial services can prepare the best facilitates to achieve individual and social justice.

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