نگاهی متفاوت به دانش حقوق و صنعت حقوق

نگاهی متفاوت به دانش حقوق و صنعت حقوق

A different outlook to the science of law and the industry of law

A. The importance of debate

A seriously controversial debate challenging politicians and sociologists is the real difference between the nature of law and its practical impacts in human life. A simple search on the scope of sciences presents that law is categorized under human sciences.  Irrespective of the importance of human sciences, the majority of people define industry extracted from natural sciences. Meanwhile, industry and its wealthy treasures have been achieved in the result of natural sciences. Nevertheless, social sciences are to give individual and social services to people in order to live better, even if they do not have any money or assets. It is a traditional mindset that was challenging all occupations in history and the current developing countries. On the other hand, the world kept changing moment by moment. A precise comprehension of such a revolution is assisting scientists with restructuring a practical dimension in social sciences.

B. The history of debate

In current years, a conceptual infrastructure already implied in other natural categories is deeply supporting lawyers via reshaping the current mindsets and enclosing law to other natural branches by redefining it from a differently economic dimension.  Hence, a package of noticeable data collected by officials generally represent an increasing tendency to make a link between the science of law and industries making fortune by law. Therefore, ongoing development in human life and its necessities provoke people into using law in more parts of their lives in business, personal interactions, education and etc.Meanwhile, its contemporary usage causes a breadth and complexity of the movement of legal professions encouraging lawyers and even law students to push back their traditional and natural boundaries and restrictions.

It is reasonable to assume that the engineers who are planning an industry or a factory require to enjoy an accessible service in legal fields. Traditionally, they have their advocates and legal advisors recruited in a long period of time and as a result of co-working process. Although, their accepted right is the enjoyment of their lawyers, they cannot cover all of their clients’ needs in their new industries. Therefore, it is a must to provide the spur to further research assisting them with proposing new lawyers professionally categorized for new dimensions of sciences. They need law to make a truly glorious future shining their industries more and more. Meanwhile, it encourages them to look closer to new fields of law and its specified experts. But it is not enough. The art is to change the clients’ needs to a sustainable request.

C new-found movement

All lawyers are concurring with removing their suspicions stopping them from a technical activity including online legal services. In a conventional style, lawyers are waiting on their offices until they are asked to give legal services by new clients. Suspiciously, they are not advised to invite people by advertisement. In some countries like Iran, any kinds of advertisement are forbidden. Iranian bar association will sue them for serious negligent or infraction. They will be accused of the breach of law. As a result, officials are likely to suspend their attorneyship license.

Nowadays, technology has a myriad of impacts on occupations like advocacy. A new start-up revolution, for example, is going to be a vastly widespread event to recruit lawyers by online applications. No seat, no office or any instrumental necessities are needed, as a result. While in a fraction of second, people have access to their lawyers with different skills by clicking a button on their cellphones or other devices, junior attorneys can upload their CVs, pictures and their interpersonal and professional skills. They can expose themselves vastly without any restriction. Consequently, Start-Ups can facilitate working for lawyers.

In addition, the monopoly of seniors does not allow juniors to work in a free competing atmosphere, whereas social media like Instagram, Twitter or Linked In change the game to consider other players in legal society more and more. Th research done by Iranian Bar Association (IBA) present a huge increasing trend of new attorneys to find their clients by Instagram as well as to host them in their offices. While they are prohibited from using any kinds of advertisement to show their skills attracting people, they prefer that their mindsets, skills, knowledge and successful cases have been presented by social media. It is noticeable that the organization of IBA chooses an ignoring approach for neglecting to regard strictly forbidding rule about advertisement. IBA accepts it as unavoidable consequences of growing stage of online life. It is observed in some countries like Canada, Australia and some African countries as well. The main reason is about the principal role of the online activities asserted as result of current legal works advised since almost two decades ago. Therefore, this is an obviously mutual way to meet all lawyers and clients’ needs. Meanwhile, barristers and solicitors’ jobs have been promoted by such a new-found approach. They are able to spend more time for their works. In conclusion, Start-Ups cause a huge jumping movement to make high fortune in legal fields.

D. Conclusion

As it is mentioned above points, the nature of working as a lawyer has changed vastly by technology. It facilitates lawyering as well as the accessibility of legal services. In addition, lawyers and legal academics are deeply making an attempt to design new law-related jobs. Consequently, more legal professions propose juniors to new positions. Working as a clerk or a lawyer assistant and so on prepares new opportunities. As a result, citizens who need legal services can enjoy them much more than over the past 50 years. Legal academics and professions are searching and even struggling to define the role of technology in the current changing society. To change outlook from law science to law industry is likely to lead to an affluent status. Undoubtedly, both people and lawyer will accord with this approach.

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