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Some people argue that development of sport’s centers and arts galleries should be done by the governments, others say that government has more important duties such as development of medical care system and education. Which idea do you support?

Perhaps, prioritizing the annual budget in countries has been argued controversially. It is not easy to prefer between citizen’s needs about the are enjoyments including art galleries, musical and liturgical preferences, and vital facilities like medicine programs, hospital management and so on authors and lecturers articulate differently in order to justify to what extent the states are allowed to setup between both subjects mentioned above. It seems people are apt to enjoy both items equally. Although many researchers cannot overlook public social services, specially in health issues, they believe peace and happiness are intricately blended with the destiny of them.

One of the most principal necessities to achieve such an important item is art. It is approved undoubtedly, the increasing rate of people’s warmly welcoming to musical schedules is likely to fall the rate of individual and social crisis. For example, coherent programs in Sydney performed by NSW- local government resulted in the decreased rate of family violence between 2014-2017. It is obvious that the change if individual attitude to life and nature always assists human to arrange himself and manage his own problems in order to live belter and mere perfectly. The root of many physical diseases discovered recently is physiological motivators. Art, music, paint, poem and others prepare the best field to evacuate internal problems. It is worth mentioning that the art is crown of the nature and without such a vital necessity, societies are prone to aridity. The comparison between Iraq and Austria done by Kings College London (2016-london) presents the people where live in Vienna are much more happy than Iraqi citizens. Asa result of various musical programs performed in Austria

On the other hand, the lawyers and legal professions claim such an idea is not justifiable. Art is expensive and almost luxury. This idea prepares the facilities for aristocracy. It is not fair. People are unable to articulate the happiness they feel, due to the expensive price of art enjoyments, while people like the poor need medical facilities more. The recent research prepared by New York City Center in 2015 shows the poor preferred to enjoy the later ones instead of listening to a fantastic musical performance received in a majestic hall.

Having cited above points, I believe in idea that both of them work necessarily to prepare the best context to line better and more perfectly. It is a real preference to choose art. Of course the main attention of governments must be focused on fundamental requirements of citizens.

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