Global Language and Necessity of Preserving Local Cultures

The advantages of English as a global language will continue to auto weight its disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Perhaps, one of the most important social new- found subjects around the world in the controversial influencing role of the English language as a global communication style whiten different regional and international atmospheres. This question has been raised always weather such a phone  is a simple of the globalization process changing the conventional worlds to a global village preparing the bather facilities for human beings to live more comfortably.

Generally, it seems this increasing trend of such a metaphoric linguistic building has two sides, while its prominence is explain precisely, its advantages and even disadvantages depend on public acumen skills to benefit from English in order to apply it fir a coherent targeted lifestyle now and in the near future. Of course, it is necessary about this new-found issue possibly pushing between/among/new-found9add)/there is no doubt society on a vast sociology-cultural disarray. Whereas, some empirical evidences just reject the positive usages of English, its benefits are vastly accorded. The vast range of authors and lawyers focus on negative perspectives of raising English as an international language, extracted from the expanding dominant power of English. Firth and foremost, it is obvious that a formidable oral and written communication like English has imposed aridly indigenous languages, more deeply local and even fundamentally national cultural ingredients to a grave and hard situation. It is likely to invoke within individual relationships. Meanwhile, many scholars in the universities articulate that this kind of communication has led to the extinction of minor languages within a particular country. Therefore, people including children, Teenagers, adults, elderly men and women irrespective of their personalities, nationalities, or their legal positions as citizens or migrants endangered by the robust role of English to reshape their lifestyles as well. Meanwhile, local languages skewed by English as a global language are on the range of extension or damages to clarify such a vicious process and, the deduction mentioned above, it is clear that language is culture bound. Thus, all words transfer not only the meaning of their definite words, develop interpersonal skills containing laws, regulations, norms,customs, conventions, taboos, totems and some indispensable unwritten ales as well. Such on issue is not logical to be overlooked. The mixed language extracted from or influenced by English has deep impacts on native languages. Another disadvantage cited by researchers is to create the notion in the minds of many people conceiving their native language is an important and unnecessary. To explain more, language struggles so as to institute an integrity of people’s culture. People have to communicate with each other and with other people living overseas via drafting emails, writing newsletters or managing their own social media accounts like Telegram, Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook and eats with considering their own language backgrounds and writing styles during centuries historically and culturally and respecting for their mother linguistic roots and origins of the language proposed to them grammatically and culturally in order to unseat for sending a real and beautiful message. There no doubt that another language like English as a second learning and teaching style has limited words in a bizarre manner to articulate feelings and emotions unlike a mother-tongue language preserved a treasure of vocabulary. It is likely to a callous situation among people. Consequently, the vast international expansion of English lads on to creating a room of discrimination of the minor groups in the society artfully and the local language is endangered aridly. Meanwhile, the creation of more confusion about the understanding of mother tongue and English’s raised as a result. Therefore, the majority of researchers have prescribed to preserve. Local language in front of some international ones like English. If not, social alacrity is on the verge of damaging. On the other hand, there is a myriad of benefits to justify to what extent the development of English as a part of globalization is useful to assist individuals and societies in order to live conveniently. English can facilitate the exchange   of information from different parts of the world. Nowadays, the vastly developing technology has occurred due to the phenomenal accelerating role of English because a global language is used beyond the borders of a single country. English, to abridge, is a gateway. English, in addition, leads on to enhancing peace and trade between dissimilar countries. People from different religions or cultures have been go then to gather in regional are international organizations like UNESCO, UN and ect, to restructure their societies. They, hence, can communicate by oral or written English styles to remove political, religious and enteral barriers. Also, they can exchange their current or historical experiences by English more easily and amiably. Therefore, English enhances the linguistic mixed comprehensions among people living in different parts of this so-called global village. Last but not least, English plays a robust role to facilitate the mobility of pole both in their physical terms and electronically. Poole are able to make and improve their relationships individually and socially, consequently. Traveling overseas, for example, is more that amiable and then they who those live is for corners of the globe can meet each other for holidays or on several business occasions. Trade, business, daily family and individual experiences as well as new styles of learning and teaching systems are founded in order to live better and more perfectly.

Having cited above points, it is not easy to approve the growing dominance of English as a fundamental pillar of the global sustainable development. But what is of great value is that its beneficial and detrimental role outweigh its disadvantage. The necessity of living in an international situation is to find a unite method for communication. The experiences of using English as a global language have been more successful instead of other global languages like Spanish and French Both English and international society have saved each other practically and theoretically to create the best atmosphere vividly for people to live without any mental and physical problems. English should not be applied as an unfair political and discriminate or economic tool toll exploit Southern countries intractably or endanger native languages and regional or local cultures.

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