Government Sanctions & International Human rights

Conference on

The Impact of Government Sanctions on International Human rights

United Kingdom, London

(International Bar Association (IBA


Monday 16 November | 1100 – 1200 EST (GMT-5) | 1600 – 1700 GMT | 0100 – 0200 JST (GMT+9) |


This panel will discuss the types of sanctions used by governments to impact international human rights including the Magnitsky Acts and the like. The panel will then address what actual impact these sanctions are having on addressing international human rights violations.

This review will include a discussion of the impact that counter-terrorism sanctions regimes are having on humanitarian agencies’ ability to deliver life-saving consignments, the decisions as to whether leaders are more impacted as to other vulnerable parties. The discussion will include the view of the sanctioned and how they end up on the sanctions lists with a discussion of the due process and recourse issues associated with such actions. In addition, the panel will discuss how international legal and business matters are impacted by such sanctions and what practices and policies are best for law firms and multinational businesses to comply with such sanctions, anticipate additional sanctions, and incorporate these activities in their international human rights reports and policies.


Business Crime Committee
IBA’s Human Rights Institute
Business Human Rights Committee
Human Rights Law Committee – (Lead)

Session / Workshop chairs


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