آرامش عمیق درونی و رابطه آن با میزان و سطح تخلفات اجتماعی

The relationship between happiness and level violence or ere commitment is society.

Perhaps, one of the most important criteria about human’s daily life styles discussed in rent decades rusty, is the quality of the sufficiently actual lifestyle including items related to enjoyment, happiness, welfare and etc. Happiness has been extracted noticeably and raised controversially to differ between the enjoyments and its various kinds influencing human lives. Undoubtedly, happiness, therefore, pays a vital role to dictate a correct conduct behaving by people with different social and individual classes. Also crime commitment is not an exception from items effected by the quality and value of happiness injected into the social body metaphorically including parents, children kids, elder people, teenagers and also migrants, minorities and different social levels. The deep impact of happiness on increasing rate of crime commitments will be discussed below.

First and foremost, happiness increases positive emotions assisting people to think differently, when they are on the verge of misbehaving abnormally.

A myriad of researchers is to point out that the majority of offenders have not intended to commit crimes is order to break the laws or social norms. They have justified their conducts as just consequences. To strengthen such an important justification, it is worth mentioning that   happiness defined as a lasting and deep calm, prevents peeped from doing aggressively. Consequently, people who live or work in a normal and calm atmosphere, have been less motivated to discharge their internal emotions or physical reflections in a criminal manner.

Secondly, it is a profoundly approved notion by authors and lawyers that happiness decreases and removes depression playing a formidable function in an unfortunate behavior motivating teenagers more significantly to their involvements in crime or drug use. Lawyers and judges always speak about a vast range of cases showing us how important it is to push teenagers and adults, mentally and phi biologically to expose misconducts in order to either obtain their requirements or going their actual or potential whatever they possess particularity. Meanwhile, the sense of depression groups common concerns about their now and hear futures. Therefore, it is more likely to change people’s positive and honest perspectives to negative ones Hence, a person is sager and hero she cannot sustain the current situation such a position persuades humor her to be engendered by an unacceptable status. Undoubtedly, it may be conceived as a definite root causing the crime commitment. Meanwhile, happiness is accepted to fight directly with depression. Such a metaphoric war is raises continuously to extent that depression put on an under controlled level without any risk for its owner.

As mentioned above, happiness controls criminal motives and prevents people from misbehaving against laws, norms, conventions, customs and some cultural unwritten rules. But happiness has been conceived presumably as a fundamental root reason of crimes. For example, a kid steals a candy in order to enjoy the taste, or a teenager steals from a grocery store or even shoots and kills the owner of a golden treasure in order to get the money to run off his girlfriend are common motives behind these crimes. The incorrect definition of happiness is likely to misunderstand about the sense of gratification. Therefore, it is obvious that no amount of this sense is ever enough to satisfy people who always feel we need more. Although this sense is publicized naturally, its kinds are different in social levels. To explain more, from the poorest person to richest one, from the homeless to the person who lives in a palace, everyone wants to enjoy sense gratification more. Consequently, they are looking for more material wealth. Hence, It is clear that the poor need a color TV to be happy, while a rich person needs a new yacht. NO amount of material wealth, thus, is ever enough. As a rest, authors believe in the notion that the goal of life has been conceived as a sensual pleasure entitled “lordship” This is, therefore, the way to reach the happiness. Because the criminal is just responding to this message. Therefore, justification of happiness can motivate people to reach their goals by committing crimes.

Having cited above points strongly believe in the idea that a happy teen like other parts if the society is less likely to be involved in criminal actinides or use drug. On the other hand, an ambitious teen is persuaded to commit crime in order to meet his or her needs as well. Had people understood this practical knowledge about the root Couse of crime, they would have tackle effectively the criminal problems in flouncing people today consequently, an actual knowledge clarifying such a real root assists all people to find more different solutions effectively. People as a result to get the things the TV says to be happy like a flashy car, fine clothes, a big house, a color TV, a gold each and etc. They think they are necessary it is not clear whether they live in a happy atmosphere, when they have whatever they want to have as mentioned above. The answer is clear “NO”. The real happiness I not on skin deep making a balanced level is likely to change the rate of the crime commitment.

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