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Human Space Flights / Space Tourism: Business and Pleasure – Legal and Beyond

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Tuesday 17 November | 0900 – 1000 EST (GMT-5) | 1400 – 1500 GMT | 2300 – 0000 JST (GMT+9) |


The access of humans to space raises many issues on different levels. Technological developments, search for habitable planets, scientific experiments, human curiosity and adventurousness, have led to continued efforts to develop possibilities of sending humans to space, including for leisure travel purposes.

In the New Space industry, driven by growing commercial activities, private companies have already been offering space travel. Between 2001 and 2009, seven space tourists made eight spaceflights to the ISS. The publicised price was in the range of 200-250 million USD per tour. In the summer of 2019, NASA announced that they aim to start allowing public astronauts to go on the International Space Station as of 2020, at 35,000 USD per day, per astronaut.

We will be exploring hot topics surrounding human space flights and space tourism. Together with a space lawyer and candidate astronaut, a space flight engineer, a space law professor and an investor in the New Space industry, we will discuss legal issues and beyond. What motivates and drives space travelers, what role do space flight engineers have, what are the major legal and regulatory issues, what are investors looking for in the New Space area? Experts will be offering their views on and insights into these topics.


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