Iranian Bar Association

Position: First Class Attorney-at-Law, Advisor in Legal (Barrister)

Date:  Jul-2003 till Now

Position: Member of the International Commission of Bar Association

Date: Jul 2010 – Jul 2011

Iranian Bar Association is one of the most important NGOs has been established in Iran. Its origin is Law. The most crucial criteria to show how much freedom is in a society is related its role and influence of the bar. All attorneys and lawyers have to be ratified by Bar. They will be allowed to defend at the court, just after approval their personality and abilities by this bar.

As a Attorney-at-Law I act on client’s behalf, researching and applying written law to each individual case. In an adversarial situation as attorney I argue for the law and against entity or individual. I also have worked in the administration of law and in particular in managing and administering of contracts.

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