Learning a Foreign Language, Necessities & Living Better

یادگیری یک زبان خارجی ، ضروریات و زندگی بهتر

Perhaps, one of the most controversial issues about the necessity of learning a foreign language is its functional targets and reasons when they want to work or live in a foreign country. Although some scholars are in complete accord with the points containing its benefits on traveling or working, some legal professions and lectures believe it has more interests assisting people with living better and more conveniently.

First and foremost, it is necessary for employees to have proper, clear, persuasive and succinct communication skills in a foreign language. Nowadays, international trade activities capture public attention as a unique way out for domestic economic and social issues. It has changed as an indispensable part of our societies. Thus it is vastly accepted that no man is an island. A successful business cannot survive in a real atmosphere, if it has no employees who they do not have enough skills in a foreign language. Not only therefore it is a vital item requested in work interviews, it is highly recommended for the recruitment in some senior positions in both governmental and private companies. For example, job seekers in Australia must show their abilities in speaking and writing in their needed foreign language by some official organizations like Vetassess. Meanwhile, irrespective of its individual benefits, both employers and employees work better and understand more actually about their business fields. It is likely to improve their company’s productivity, whenever they are commiuting with a foreign partner or preforming their contractual duties in host countries.

In addition , one of the important skills assisting people who want to travel or live overseas is their abilities to make a mutual understanding in a foreign country. Different perspectives of the life is deeply attributed to communicate with other nations. For example, the language is culture bound. Had a traveler or an immigrant comprehended the nature of the host culture, conventions traditions and other kinds of unwritten rules, he or she would have lived better. A myriad of such examples have been observed easily in Australia as a host society. No matter whether you need to know about the culture of the foreign community, you will be happier if you can speak, read or comprehend those societies with their languages, you will be more successful to purchase your needed goods conveniently, for example. There is no doubt that people who travel or live overseas need to speak their destination’s language.

On the other hand, it is not correct to abridge its benefits to just working and living targets. You do not need necessarily to learn a foreign language just for living or traveling overseas. You are sitting at the corner of your study room and then it is necessary to find some information about the link between your lifestyle and health issues. Moment by moment, everything in scientific atmosphere has been updated. For example, if your mother language is Persian, you will find thousands of pages written in English after Googling your keywords.

Another benefit is related to search about your new way outs regarding your business problems or solutions in order to boost up your company’s productivity. It is clear that you need a foreign language like English, French or so on actually. Another example is about the latest changes influencing your jobs. For example, you are an international legal adviser or a diplomat. Also, it is possible to know everything about the latest news, if you are a journalist. Without any high skills in English, you do not have any points to give your boss in your daily schedule. Meanwhile, learning foreign languages is vital to work or live in current global village.

Having cited above points, I strongly believe in the idea that people must learn another language, if they want to live or work in your countries or overseas.

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