Modern Technology & Its Impact On Leisure Time

فناوری مدرن و تأثیر آن بر اوقات فراغت

To what extent modern has technology  given us more leisure time than before?

Perhaps, the role of technology has been discussed controversially nowadays. Fewer ones are found to refuse the important impact of technology on human life in both public and academic atmospheres. It seems technology has changed daily lifestyle to enjoy more leisure time than before.

First and foremost, it can facilitate working and business more and more. people enjoy technological innovations to save their money. Therefore, it is not needed to work over 84 hours weekly. For example, technology in western countries persuades all people to work less, to earn money more and thus they do spend their time to do sport, go to the pool and enjoy camping with their family friends or peers. A myriad of examples are to cite this point in Germany, the USA and Austria.

In addition, technology assists men and women in order to manage their energy and time more.

Daily activities in work or other social plans are energy and many consuming. Modern innovations and creativities have decreased the waste of energy.

Meanwhile, it is likely to save more energy for people to enjoy their lives. For example, a worker who is working in a farm is using now agricultural tools instead of traditional ones.

Hence, he or she has more energy to spend his or her time with families’, friends and does everything which he or she wants to do.

Of course, they are able to save money in order to go to cinema, concerts or indoor and outdoor activities. Italy and Iran are two.

Examples to show how useful it is to change their life amiably, for example.

Having cited above points, I strongly believe in the idea that technology assists human kinds with living better and more conveniently whereas, it has some problems challenging human life, generally its benefits outweigh its problems it is a serious attitude that people can reach a real justice with a coherent and comprehensives access to technology for the poor and the rich without any overt and covert discrimination.

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