Non-Parent Awarded Custody

In November 2017, Attorney Dr. Sartipi obtained custody for her client, the father of an 12-year old child. At the time of Sartipi’s initial involvement, the child’s biological parents had an open custody case in Family court in Tehran. However, because the child’s former stepfather was not a party to the case, Sartipi filed a motion to join her client as well as a motion for custody. The court granted the motion for joinder and set the custody motion for trial. The court also inquired whether the parties would be participating in a child custody evaluation where a recommendation for child custody would result. Sartipi articulated that her client would perform well in such an evaluation. The parties stipulated to the investigation.

Prior to the meeting with the investigator, Sartipi and his team provided her client with ample documentation in support of her request. According to his client, upon receiving these documents, the investigator noted that the high quality of work that Sartipi and his office put into her case. After meeting with all parties, the custody investigator enthusiastically recommended Sartipi’s client to have joint legal custody with the child’s mother and sole physical custody. When the biological father saw the recommendations, he decided that he could not prevail and stipulated to the recommendations.

The client and child are happy and doing well.

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