International Criteria in Human rights, Culture & Diversity in Human Ethnicity

Abstract in English

In view of the diversity of cultures, all the nations and societies all over the world with different cultural, historical and religious background at the same time while emphasizing the peculiarities and characteristics of its own and with respect for their religious and cultural values, are involved in the overall concept of the universality of human rights. It is therefore necessary to emphasize that the main argument in in the notion of cultural diversity by no means is strengthening the cultural relativism fallacy. The priority in this regard is to strengthen intercultural dialogue to achieve a universal definition of human rights, the introduction of such an approach, the respect for cultural diversity. In this regard, historical experience provides the support necessary for this discussion. Cultures and civilizations have faced with difficulties throughout history. Some of them grow, flourish and dominate and several others have been in steep toward decline. However, in appearance, cultural diversity, cultural rights of nations, human security, economic development and human rights are considered as individual and distinctive elements but each has closely intertwined and integrated communication with each other and collapse or expand of any would have an effect on others. The present paper has examined the cultural diversity in relation to human rights and human security to see that how much peaceful coexistence provided between different cultures in one country, region and world stage in such an approach. However, there are still a lot of ambiguities and shortcomings in this regard but the situation can be as good stability for future developments in this area.

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مکان: Assam, India

تاریخ: 31 Mar 2016

نویسنده: Dr. Hossein Sartipi

نام ژورنال: International Journal Of Humanities & Social Science Studies

نوع ژورنال: ISI {DRJI, Scientific Indexing Service, General Impact Factor}

شماره ژورنال: Vol-II Issue-V