Right to Life, Traditional Framework of Targeted Assassination and New Challenges in Implementing Human Rights

Abstract in English

Targeted assassinations whether it is legal or not, it has become one of the modern issues in the International community and has been discussed in relation to International humanitarian law and international armed conflicts. In this regard the main question is whether applying the targeted assassination is in compliance with the principles and rules of the International humanitarian law or not? And if there is not any contradiction in this regard, then this theory has been justified on what logical concept? This paper attempts to answer the mentioned questions with regard to the current legal literature and take any possible workable framework for this theory under consideration. The paper is divided into three general parts, first, it presents the basic definition and history of “the targeted assassination “and deals with its legal framework, then it looks into this theory from the three main principles of the International human Rights perspective and analyzes the requirements necessary for committing the targeted assassination.

خلاصه فارسی

مکان: Assam, India

تاریخ: 31 Mar 2016

نویسنده: Dr. Hossein Sartipi

نام ژورنال: International Journal Of Humanities & Social Science Studies

نوع ژورنال: ISI {DRJI, Scientific Indexing Service, General Impact Factor}

شماره ژورنال: Vol-II Issue-V