Traditional Frameworks of Immunity of States and Heads of States in International Law

Abstract in English

Immunity is among important factors in international law. Until the formation of international law the principle has been existed, although the form and shape of it changed. In the paper the situation of immunity of heads of states has be discussed and the major factors in international law have been examined in this regard. Eventually we came to conclusion that the immunity of heads of states was exist in its absolute form because of the existence of some factors such as power of kings and absoluteness of sovereignty and absence of some factors such as human rights, situation of individuals and etc

خلاصه فارسی

مکان: Assam, India

تاریخ: May 2016

نویسنده: Dr. Hossein Sartipi

نام ژورنال: International Journal Of Humanities & Social Science Studies

نوع ژورنال: ISI {DRJI, Scientific Indexing Service, General Impact Factor}

شماره ژورنال: Vol-II Issue-VI