Sample of Successes and Cases Involving Mediation or Settlement

Mr. Sartipi successfully negotiated a stipulated change of custody from Mother to Father. Mother was granted sole physical custody of the parties’ 14-year-old daughter pursuant to their Judgment of Dissolution. After the Judgment was entered, Mother moved to an unsanitary apartment despite the fact that Father consistently paid above-guideline child support to her. Mother frequently sent the child disparaging texts containing extreme profanity about the Father. Father lived out of county, but was willing to re-arrange his life to become the primary caretaker of the child. Shortly after Father hired Mr. Sartipi, Father filed a motion to change custody. When Mother was served with the motion, which included examples of her incendiary text messages, Mother agreed to change custody to the Father so long as the child remains in her current school. Father drives more 30 miles a day so that the child does not have to change schools and is now her primary caretaker.

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