Social Networks & the Necessities of Daily Life

Some people argue that expansion of social networks is making people closer. Others believe that this kind of interaction is very superficial. Discuss both sides and give your opinion?

Perhaps, a beneficial profound effect of using social networks on baileys life has been discussed controversially by the authors and the legal academies nowadays. Some people think this new-found interaction is formidable to make people closer individually. Whereas a vast range of researches approve social networks have changed citizen’s relationship and have their own dive consequences. It seems that metaphorically like a coin, this phenomenon has two sides argued below.

The style of daily life has been reshaped by the development of souses in flouncing the life of Haman transformed more easily and amiable. Economic crisis, traffic jam, the high cost of transportation, the lack of enough time have resulted in more complicated styles regarding the nature of the life persuading people to apply other.

Ways of communication alternatively. The conventional methods, therefore, do not work well. Hence, the change of methods is vital. In addition, people by using social networks like Facebook, Telegram, What sup, and Tweeter are able to save their own money and manage their schedules more cheaply and well. They are able to spend more time for their own teenagers being prone to social and individual risks, for example. The improvement of knowledge improved by social networks for example, make it harder in order to impose some educational criteria. In terms of business, people can publish their advertisement in social vital atmosphere more speedily less expensively. Its improving function is likely to make such a prominence. The research done by king’s conge London. Published in 2018 approves social networks have a pivotal role to improve the rate of productivity of small business in a European countries. It is possible to assist states to decrease unemployment rate. The role of social networks work more usefully than traditional advertisement. On the other hand, the usage of social networks depends individual relationships. The final report published by the high court of Australia ( Sydney- 2017) points out that one of the most major problem pushing wives and husbands to get a divorce is the lack of useful and deep relationship resulting in the raising rate of using social networks. The academic researches represent the social networks enchanting citizens into replacing moral and legal behavior’s by virtual conducts defended almost out of morally accepted structures by ethic, morality, law and convention. For example, the observation of teenagers is not easy by parents when they have an expanded access to the Internet and social networks without any. Constraints. It is impossible to   manage them in predefined infrastructures dictated by parents, states and educational systems by ethical and legal attitude respected by the society as a whole. Meanwhile, any dictation to live or work and then obey the rules approved by the governments are restricted and maybe impossible. This is true and the management of the community is a serious issues for officials as well. Meanwhile, the meaning of media and freedom has changed. Therelore, the definition of non-interference in domestic affairs in international law, for example, is going to be different in comparison with a past decade. Having cited about points strongly believe in the idea that the useful role of social networks. Depends on different individual and social situation. Actually, it is culture bod. What is of great value to attend to is the real cultural bases of societies. Had the states prepared individual as well as social capacities in a correct approach, they wowed have been more successful in order to increase the useful effect of social networks: As a result, if such an irrevocable shortcoming it has its own fatal consequences.

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