Stamp out poverty and profit by participating law and the Rule of Law

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Stamp out poverty and profit by participating law and doing  business in accordance with the Rule of Law

United Kingdom, London

(International Bar Association (IBA


Thursday 12 November | 1100 – 1200 EST (GMT-5) | 1600 – 1700 GMT | 0100 – 0200 JST (GMT+9) |


Where there is inequality poverty is entrenched: the greater the inequality the greater the tendency to severe poverty. However, reliable and legally sound, rule of law-based legal work promotes social equality, disrupts poverty and justly rewards lawyers. Fair trading boosts profits for business and undermines poverty. Law practices organised to support businesses in their endeavours will build wins for their client and for the community, while mitigating poverty and adding to the firm’s bottom line. In some cases, access to legal services and justice may be challenged and supportive efforts may be necessary. Combining effective legal and business practices stamps out poverty, improves business success and enhances law firm profitability.


IBA Legal Policy and Research Unit
Diversity and Equality Law Committee
Rule of Law Forum
Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee
Poverty and Social Development Committee – (Lead)

Session / Workshop chairs


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