Technological Developments & A Question about Lack of Food

تحولات فن آوری و سؤالی درباره کمبود غذا

Nowadays, we see a lot of technological developments. However, many people go hungry. Why do you think this happens? What should be done about that?

Perhaps, one of the most controversial issues challenging governments and international bodies is the imperfections influencing people’s daily lives, while the technological developments have changed the levels of life. It seems technology is important but it is not comprehensive either.

First of all, technology is not enough to prepare what all needed to live more conveniently, whereas the performance of the latest versions of proper methods of management and fools play a vital role to achieve the targets based on technological patterns. Objective observations show us that the volume of such a problem has decreased in four corners of the globe. For example, Kuwait struggles to prepare the best infrastructures by injecting financial resources into its industries like Libya. The lack of skills to manage such resources cannot remove barriers influencing a sustainable development for its society as a whole.

To solve this problem mentioned above, the improvement of education captures public attention. Universities, colleges, research centers and other parties involved have a serious commitment to boost up this attitude and play the best mechanism to remove practical barriers making them de celebrate such a positive trend.

In addition, the economic situation and the high price of food prevent people from enjoying the different kinds of food as a clear result of the improvement of technology in the industries of food. Technology, as a myriad of scholars have articulated with, facilitates the cooking steps, improves quality and increases customer satisfaction.

It is no doubt the such a progress cannot give any serious reason to neglect the impact of other factors like price, the methods for the food maintenance and soon.

For example, in Sudan or Liberia, the rich can buy everything including luxury cuisine, while others cannot purchase them. The economic level of people determines to what extent people are able to enjoy food in their lives. To answer this real request, UN and UNODP have planned a strategy to assist the poor and their governments in order to decrease the price of food. Also they struggle to decline the price of food in their negotiations with factories and other related industries. NGOs and other civil societies can help all parties to raise public awareness to fill the economic gap between the poor and the rich more and more.

Having cited above points, I strongly believe in the idea that technology works in collaboration with other factors like education, increasing of awareness and economic issues. Had they worked with closer perspective, we would have observed less problems regarding the lack of imperfections in the enjoyments of technology.