All of thesis have been observed by dr. Sartipi in different universities:

1-Diplomatic Immunities and Criminal Status of governmental officials in modern International Law, Payam-E-Nour (PNU) University, Tehran, (Defended: 13 Jan 2016)

2-Right to Employment in International Law and Afghan National Law, Payam-E-Nour (PNU) University, Kabul, (Defended: 30 Jan 2017)

3-Review of the legal regime for the use of military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and the extent to which international law is applied, Payam-E-Nour (PNU) University, Tehran, (Defended: 3 Jan 2017)

4-The right to self-defense in cyber attacks and its implementation with the rights of armed conflicts, Payam-E-Nour (PNU) University, Tehran, (Defended: 4 May 2017)

5-Legal legality of the good faith principle in International Law, Case study: Iranian Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Payam-E-Nour (PNU) University, (Defended: Tehran, 23 Oct 2017)

6-The impact of money laundering on International trade law ,Iran, Karaj, Mahdasht – Payam-E-Nour (PNU) University, (Defended: 23- May-2019)

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