Democracy & the Rights of People

What do you think about two levels of election?

Perhaps, the role of people in their destiny always has been raised controversially in different political styles of governing. While human has a myriad of experiences in the hole history of socio-legal background of humanity, it is not absolutely clear yet. It seems any dictation of a unique style does not work well and clearly case by case, it is different.

First and foremost, question is to what extent citizens are. Authorized to interfere their destinies. It is crystal clear that the real power is possible to decide about what happens to them in the future. It is accepted due to the root of power in governing extracted from the right of life. And real skill to play their own role in order to preside their governmental officials. Clearly is intricately interwoven with political culture. The current experiences in southern communities. Present that they almost make a mistake in order to choose the correct way or mentality in electoral campaigns. whereas this notion is acceptable, it is likely to cows an irrevocable mistake. The research done by UNODC (2015-Vienna) approves the main reason for internal military battles in west southern of Africa is the lack of knowledge expanding in the result of this idea.

Having mentioned above points, I strongly believe in idea the former is much more acceptable. People have a natural night to choose their destiny instead of aristocracy. But it needs making fundamental socio-legal basements. It is vital to look at the political capacities.

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