Educational Systems in High Schools and the Future of Teenagers

Some people argue that a course entitled law should be added to our educational system at high schools before students go to the real life and job market. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Perhaps, an educational system contain legal courses has been discussed controversially nowadays. While vast range of authors justify such a necessity, some articles are to explain to what extent these legal courses con be either useful or useless people including teenagers, adults and children. It seems it has some dire consequences conditionally.

This notion explaining how important it is for teenagers is vital to teach them in order play their own voles. The greatest and the only goal of education is to make good citizeans, as Dewy said once three hundred years ago. It is true that people must know about their duties and rights legalized by the law and its noticeable pillars like regulations, customs, taboos, totems, conventions, and some unwritten rules. Therefore, they have been taught to accept their duties with full consent how to play their own functions in order to live better and more perfectly. The acceptance of their own responsibilities is legally achieved when they have been trained their abilities and capacities with fully accepting their obligations.

Consequently, this mentality is able to prepare the best infrastructures so as to enjoy the real and lasting happiness for those learning legal subjects sooner than others. The research done by California University in 2017-October points out that the students taught legal subjects as obligatory iceman in their high schools, have been much more successful than others who had never experienced those lesson In addition, they have been noticed about how fatal the consequences are, if they do not know about their behaviorism results. The served collected by Iranian Bar Esso citation since seep 2015 till October 2018 presents the majority of Iranian students are clearly well- alive aware to play their own duties and respect the accepted Iranian mannerism style committed crimes less than others. They will be more professional in their future, because they already experienced about their conducts consequences.

On the other hands some people like parents and teachers articulate that this style is likely to expose children in some positions in which they are not completely ready for performing their responsibiliesyet. Therefore, irrespective of such a method, it does not have any active abilities or potential capacities to assist them in order to prepare them for that future. Meanwhile, it is an example of individual and social disarray influenced by the breach of targeted public order and person’s rights.

The second reason helping us to recognize the negative impacts of this suggestion is this reality that children and teenagers will be exposed to torts, chimes and some serious disputes completly destroying their own king and clear vision. Motivating them to prepare more facilities physiologically to live better and move perfectly some norms in the laves prohibited them from each activates, while they are necessary to experience sooner. Some conducts and activities it is not late. To be taught educational criteria in universities and colleges at all. The premature conducts do not allow teenagers and others to play their roles actively in different individual and social positions.

Last but not least, some lawyers believe that such courses persuade children and teenagers to behind illegally and commit crime occasionally. They profoundly think. No one is allowed to put them in the verge of committing anti-social crimes. Because they have been attracted to crimes in favor the lack of comprehensive knowledge and alert experiences.

Having cited above points, I strongly believe in the idea that it has two sides as a coin. The result depends on the different situation. It is different, society by society. Because, it is profoundly culture bound. But it is defendable that the performance of any legal courses can be useful conditionally. But, before any decision, all elements in flouncing the result like culture, convention, the kind and level of education and some individual and social backgrounds must be attended to.

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