Work Experience

  • Iranian Bar Association

First Class Attorney-at-Law, Advisor in Legal (Barrister) – Jul-2003 till Now

Member of the International Commission of Bar Association – Jul 2010 – Jul 2011

  • Payam-e-Noor University

Faculty Member & Assistant Professor –  Sep 2013 – Now

  • Group of Kings Pty Ltd

Director – 2017 till Now

Including: King of Herbs, King of Sultana, King of Caviar, King of Natural Spices, King of Rose, King of Saffron

  • Legal Advisor in Zoroastrians Minority Religions –  Mar 2013 till Now


Zoroastrians Association of Tehran

Bombay- Iranian Zoroastrians Association (India)

Endowment of the Late Arbab Rostam Giv

Endowment of the late Rostam Abadian

Charity Foundation of the Late Rostam Abadian

  • Computer Guilds Association Organization

The Chief of Arbitration Centre of Computer Guilds Association Organization – Jan 2018 till Now

Jurist Member of the Revision Disciplinary Council of Tehran Province – 30 Jun 2015 Till Now

  • Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber (ACIC)

Arbitrator – Mar 2017 Till Now

  • Tajhiz-Teb-Barman (LTD)

Legal advisor & the Member of the Board in- Mar 2008 till Now

  • Arya Hospital Pty Ltd

Legal Advisor- Jan 2014 till Now

  • Faculty of News

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