Reduce of Legal Cases at Courts & Solutions

 In what ways can we reduce the number of legal cases at court.

Perhaps, one of the most controversial issues in legal atmosphere around the world is increasing rate of crime commitment. While a vast range of causes justifies about the fluctuations of doing crimes in societies, the ways assisting the states in order to reduce the raising trend of crimes influencing different social levels. Are have been abridged in this article by the author.

First and foremost, education attributes as the most robust way out to motivate people in order to abdicate committing crimes and torts as well. Had the people have been educated well to accept their responsibilities as well as play their duties the number of judicial cases would have decreased, As Dewy once explained that the greatest and the only good of education is making good citizens. The researches show the lack of proper education is one of the reasons that people behave against regulated norms and laws. This reason obviously works in direct and indirect paths. Hence the teenagers love to hang out with their peers. But they must learn about how to make a parrarel situation between individual and social benefits. They are not their own allowed to think in an arid way. Because they are apt to be educated for on appropriate life. This solution including unemployment crisis, decreasing qualitative items of welfare and soon influences all profoundly. For example, man attempting ever day in order to meet his family’s requirements, will be motivated to accept robbery, while he is not able to earn enough money for his children’s minimum expectations. The continuity of such a result is likely to raise public apathy. Even the aristocracy cannot accept this phenomenon in favor of its dire consequences are much more than positive or negatives impacts. The annals approve this claim easily, It is worth mentioning that both lawyers and law makers are not to articulate the unhappiness extracted from this trend, they feel. It cannot be convinced amiably in our current lives.

Last but not least, had the judicial body been organized well and perfectly, the number of crimes would have decreased due to its own preventive role of such on organization irrespective of the kind of crimes or cases. No one is allowed to make a difference between aristocracy and others. It is clear that the kind of presiding of judicial body as a whole has been raised to enrich instrumental and categorical needs attempting not to push people to settle their conflicts by the counts. Therefore, they must be strengthens to overlook their empirical evidences and take into consideration legally accepted practical ones. The judges’ professional conducts and the staff’s well- mannered behaviors are pivotal to inject approved correctional policies attempting the achievement of role of procedure. If not, it is obvious that au judicial officials fail to success in settle individual disputes. Meanwhile, this is a governmental duty to impose distributive function to make their problems easer and then, perform an overall dispute settlement.

Having cited above points, I strongly believe in the idea that decreasing rate of cases in the courts depends on a myriad of elements while both people and governments must work in collaboration, they must do their own duties without any exception. Both individual and social distinct perspectives are blended with each other like on intricately woven fabric. Without a profound consideration, au policies will fail to achieve predesigned targets in order to reduce referring new cases to the court.

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