Client Awarded Community Interest in Other Parties

In October 2014, Sartipi’s client, a mother of 5 children, succeeded in a motion for an early division of her husband’s rights supported by Civil Law. Typically, the court does not divide assets until trial, but Sartipi’s client could not wait that long. At the motion hearing Sartipi persuaded the court that his client was a special case for this early distribution. Most notably, his client received no child support and exhausted all of her pay on her children’s expenses. The father vociferously opposed the motion because he wanted the money saved for payment of the parties’ debt. However, the court was convinced by Sartipi’s showing of his client’s desperate need for money in the short term and granted the motion. The court ordered Sartipi’s client to receive a substantial share of the provisional activities ruling the husband to pay money since now till the court can complete the investigation in the coming months.

Without the early distribution of funds, Sartipi’s client and her five children would have had to move and go to less desirale school supported by Iranian government.

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