Sample of Successes and Cases Involving Mediation or Settlement

Mr. Sartipi successfully negotiated a stipulated change of custody from Mother to Father.

Sample of Successes and Cases Involving Post-Judgment Matters

Sometimes the parties do not have litigation issues until after their Judgment of Dissolution is filed.

Sample of Successes and Cases Involving Divorce

Dr. Sartipi handles cases where the validity of a marriage is contested. In one such case, Mr. Sartipi represented Wife in a case where Husband argued that the marriage should be nullified because Wife allegedly refused to have sexual relations with him and decided to live in a separate home throughout most of the marriage.

Sample of Successes and Cases Involving Child Custody and Visitation

Mr. Sartipi was lead counsel in a paternity case wherein he represented the father of a newborn baby.

Court Reduces Client’s Monthly Support By Half and Awards Family

In a December 2017 Ruling the Court granted Sartipi’s client’s motion to modify child and spousal support and for Family Code as well as Iranian civil Law.

Court appoints Receiver to Collect Client’s Spousal Support and Community Funds Due in Judgment.

In a recent case, Sartipi was successful in convincing the Court to appoint a receiver to enforce certain provisions in a Judgment of Dissolution.

Client Awarded Community Interest in Other Parties

In October 2014, Sartipi’s client, a mother of 5 children, succeeded in a motion for an early division of her husband’s rights supported by Civil Law. Typically, the court does not divide assets until trial, but Sartipi’s client could not wait that long.

Non-Parent Awarded Custody

In November 2017, Attorney Dr. Sartipi obtained custody for her client, the father of an 12-year old child. At the time of Sartipi’s initial involvement, the child’s biological parents had an open custody case in Family court in Tehran.