Persecution, Long-Term Harassment & Financial Claims

In one particular case of marital conflict, the wife was subject to persecution and long-term harassment by the husband to leave her home without demanding the fulfillment of her financial claims. According to the report by the land registry office, he had several properties including a few apartments and many pieces of land. By the time Dr. Sartipi joined the case, the wife had confiscated the man’s properties. However, the man had signed his assets over to a third party through a feigned deal. Consequently, Dr.Sartipi issued a statement of claim against him and forced him to nullify the deal. As the auction of the man’s assets was conditioned on the decision of the court of law and there was a chance that the verdict was to redeem the confiscated property, Dr. Sartipi wisely managed to negotiate and bring the litigants into an agreement. According to the agreed convention, the husband was obliged to fulfill the wife’s financial claims in installments over a fairly short period. Besides, the wife agreed to get the divorce consent in return of freeing part of the husband’s debts. Without Dr. Sartipi’s dedication and loyalty, the case could take longer to end and could lead to an uncertain result.

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