Covid-19 & Rule of Law Symposium

Conference on

Rule of Law Symposium: Rule of Law in the time of Covid-19

United Kingdom, London

(International Bar Association (IBA

  November 27, 2020


Covid-19 changed the world as we knew it in a matter of weeks. Whilst the crisis necessitates a proportionate and time-bound emergency response from Governments, it has also provided a platform for authoritarianism and populism that has facilitated an attack on the rule of law and a great rise in human rights abuses worldwide. We have seen virtually every nation in the world passing emergency legislation to end our freedom of assembly, create powers to enforce rules on social distancing and quarantine, and even develop apps that involve locational surveillance. Certain liberties must be restricted, but only as proportionate to meet social needs and with a time limit. Throughout 2020, the IBA Rule of Law Forum and the IBA’s Human Rights Institute have closely monitored the ways in which the crisis has been exploited by Governments to escalate attacks on the Rule of Law and universal human rights. The discussion will be moderated by veteran TV journalist and anchor, Jon Snow. Join our eminent panel to discuss this work, and what we must learn from this crisis as the world starts to recover.