Crime Rate Is On The Rise Among Young People

Crime Rate Is On The Rise Among Young People & Some Serious Concerns

The crime rate is on the rise among young people. What are the causes and how this problem should be dealt wither?

Perhaps, one of the controversial issues around the world is increasing concerns regarding committing crimes among the youth. A myriad of the reasons has been mentioned to justify such a growing trend. However, some solutions are coming up to tackle this issue people believe they are not enough and comprehensive as well.

Lack of education, family situation, general economic crisis, and genetic factors and finally the impacts of the peers are examples motivation the young people to think about or breach the law in each society. First and foremost, the supreme purpose of education is undoubtedly making good citizen as Dewy one said 300 years ago had the educational systems in clouding public and private schools, colleges, universities as well as research centers worked better, we would have not observed committing crimes by the teenage moment by moment. In addition, no one is here to overlook the deep effect of the families and future behaviors of their offspring. Education is a long term process, while dictated conducts while applied by parents and other immediate family members play more instantly an incredible role to pushing them on respecting or breaching laws as well as definite social norms. The result of the research done by NSW university applied in national scale in the whole of Australia, published in 2018 and ratified by supreme court in Canberra, shows the

First and foremost, it has been extracted from logical rationale. People may reach a suitable level of assets by chance or their financial or economic activities it is not lasting business, if they cannot preserve, expand, increase and invest them by their management of the knowledge. What is of great importance is the maintain of their assets, A although catching incomes or touching money merely cannot transform it into a lasting business. In conclusion, what plays vitally to preserve and make money as the last phenomena is logic and logical conducts with such an important factor the lack of the proper education is controversially one of the most important distractions about the youth All individual and governmental players play a deep role regarding putting them into a correct road in short and long-terms.

Nowadays, less people think that they can use other materials like houses, cars, Monet and soon instead of education. Most people in the near past years had answered yes, when they had been asked this question: which is better: richness or science? Whereas, no one is here to claim that they do not need to have money without any knowledge Hence, a myriad of examples are to justify such a necessity. The youth think that they can earn money as their first priority, while they not need and educational or they will have opportunity to catch it up later. It is crystal clear, all of us, specially vine, more, are likely to be faced to different events affecting our live. While we can con control some events and predict some their dire consequences, we are not able to manage the mental or natural events recognized in these days fully. We absolutely sit back, learn and observe, dive to it is once said everything does not need a reflection In such a position education can help the youth to live better and find the best solution helping theming their lives.

To sum up, having mentioned above, I really believe in the idea that not only education and its ink to living better is necessary, it is recommended as well.