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Driving Respect using mandatory human rights due diligence

United Kingdom, London

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Friday 6 November | 0700 – 0800 EST (GMT-5) | 1200 – 1300 GMT | 2100 – 2200 JST (GMT+9) |


As mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence (mHRDD) legislation becomes a reality in an increasing number of jurisdictions, it is now incumbent on many companies to implement mHRDD in their businesses and supply chains. The objective of the panel is to shed light on key emerging questions to assist companies as they consider how to approach these binding human rights-related requirements.

What is the global direction of travel that regulators and policy makers are taking, as well as the actual and perceived objectives of these laws? Are government approaches coherent? If not, what issues does this raise? Are enforcement methods aligned and is the penalty for non-compliance a relevant driver? How does mHRDD fit with increasing diligence requirements on other non-financial issues (notably connected with the environment and governance)? How has Covid-19 shifted the focus of mHRDD?

These questions will be discussed by leading business and human rights lawyers participating in a stimulating roundtable session. Participants will share knowledge on:
1) The development of mHRDD in their own jurisdictions;
2) Insights on the implementation of such laws into companies’ own policies, compliance and governance processes as well as in their supply chains; and
3) The role of business lawyers in this a new era for wider environmental and social responsibility.

This panel is organised by the International Bar Association’s Business Human Rights Committee that works to promote corporate respect for human rights and deepen the understanding of the role of the legal profession in the move towards greater corporate responsibility for adverse human rights impacts..


BA Legal Policy and Research Unit
Business Human Rights Committee – (Lead)

Session / Workshop chairs


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This is an Open Access Session, which is free to attend. We ask that you please register for this session via the zoom registration link.

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