Global Commercial

Conference on

 Global Commercial

Dispute Resolution

United Kingdom, London

(International Bar Association (IBA


Tuesday 10 November | 0900 – 1000 EST (GMT-5) | 1400 – 1500 GMT | 2300 – 0000 JST (GMT+9) |


This session will explore the myriad of ways in which international dispute resolution is conducted. This will involve an examination of jurisdictions for court based solutions as well as international arbitration. There will be a debate on the merits of the different approaches taken as between systems (common law/civil law /hybrids) and institutional structures (courts/arbitral tribunals). It should also examine sectoral preferences (financial services/state bodies/business disputes).


Arbitration Committee
Litigation Committee
Forum for Barristers and Advocates – (Lead)
Judges’ Forum
Corporate Counsel Forum.

Session / Workshop chairs


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This is an Open Access Session, which is free to attend. We ask that you please register for this session via the zoom registration link.

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