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BIC Covid-19 session: global problems with international solutions: how have bars and law societies been coping during the coronavirus crisis

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Wednesday 25 November | 0700 – 0815 EST (GMT-5) | 1200 – 1315 GMT | 2100 – 2215 JST (GMT+9) |


The IBA Bar Issues Commission (BIC) is privileged to support the work of its member bars and law societies around the world. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath, this support matters more than ever. For months, members have found themselves having to guide the legal profession through the crisis, and resist attacks made on the rule of law under the premise of their being part of a necessary response to the virus.

To help in this effort, in June 2020 the BIC commissioned a survey of its members designed to create a snapshot of how Covid-19 has affected them, including the impact on their operations, finances, and the administration of justice in their jurisdictions more broadly.

This session will share the results of that survey in combination with detailed online research, with discussion from panellists on how the information gathered can be used to coordinate more effectively bars and law societies’ shared responses to the coronavirus crisis, and what lessons can be learned for future crises and pandemics. Combining practical advice with international stories and a truly global perspective, the BIC very much hopes its members, and all those interested in these vital issues, will join them for this virtual event.


IBA Legal Policy and Research Unit
Bar Issues Commission – (Lead)

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This is an Open Access Session, which is free to attend. We ask that you please register for this session via the zoom registration link.

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