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BIC Showcase: the impact of climate change – what every bar association needs to know

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Thursday 19 November | 0700 – 0815 EST (GMT-5) | 1200 – 1315 GMT | 2100 – 2215 JST (GMT+9) |


The challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic have been described by some as a dress-rehearsal for the growing climate crisis, with both requiring a wholesale review of the global order. Lawyers, bar associations, and law societies are already having to adapt to rapidly changing markets, as the rule of law and human rights of entire populations are put under threat. Calls to alter our lifestyles, patterns of consumption, and visions for future economic growth have begun to shift expectations of how businesses, industry, and government regulators should operate in the coming decades. What opportunities and challenges does this disruption pose for the legal profession? What should bar associations and law societies be doing to prepare themselves and their members? This showcase session will look to encourage a lively debate on these issues, bringing together representatives from the legal, political, and scientific communities. The world is in the midst of a climate crisis and a period of great change, change the legal profession must adapt to and embrace. Doing nothing is no longer an option, but what needs to be done is not always clear. This session intends to prepare the legal profession for the challenges ahead.

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