Legality & Making Rights

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Just Because it is legal, does that make it right

United Kingdom, London

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Tuesday 17 November | 1100 – 1200 EST (GMT-5) | 1600 – 1700 GMT | 0100 – 0200 JST (GMT+9) |


To what extent should lawyers take into account public policy and the public interest when giving otherwise lawful and ethical advice? Whether it relates to drafting non-disclosure agreements in the context of sexual harassment claims (e.g, the Harvey Weinstein case), being asked to prepare legal tax avoidance structures, or advising clients opening a business in a country where child labor is legal, the tensions between public policy and the law may leave lawyers feeling as if they are walking a tightrope. Legal regulators, legal ethicists and practitioners will engage attendees in a robust discussion of these issues and provide insights into how to keep from falling.


Bar Issues Commission Regulation Committee – (Lead)

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