Review of Peaceful Application of Nuclear Energy in International Law

Abstract in English

Peaceful application of nuclear energy technology has recognized in regional, bilateral, multilateral and basic principle of International Law. However, there are substantial debates about the scope of peaceful application of nuclear activities, nuclear safety and international safeguards in preventing proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Non-Nuclear Weapon States discuss that international norms recognize all forms of peaceful application of nuclear energy which includes uranium enrichment, reprocessing and other sensitive nuclear fuel making activities. In fact, it is part of permanent right of state parties for peaceful application of nuclear energy, and sensitive nuclear activity is the continuation of non-sensitive nuclear activity. Sensitive nuclear activities should not be considered as a taboo and an excuse to exercise restrictions on inalienable right of parties to use nuclear energy for peaceful purpose because this can be considered to rewrite valid international norms and agreements. Therefore, “each country’s choices and decisions in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy should be respected without jeopardising their respective fuel cycle policies”.

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مکان: Assam, India

تاریخ: September 2014

نویسنده: Dr. Hossein Sartipi

نام ژورنال: International Journal Of Humanities & Social Science Studies

نوع ژورنال: ISI {DRJI, Scientific Indexing Service, General Impact Factor}

شماره ژورنال: 788711