Targeted killing, the New Legal Challenge in Employing Military Drones

Abstract in English

he goal-oriented terror is considered as one of the challenges in employing the drones. Drones can easily violate the countries’ airspaces and can also cause the illegal deprivation of humans’ life through their bloody assaults in the time of peace and war. The dangerous explanation stated by the countries use the drone technology causes the creation of global battlefield. However, using drones for dealing with the targeted killing can be given legal validity, if there is an armed hostile activity, and it can be also regarded as a legal activity in very specific situations and for preventive self-defense at peace time.

خلاصه فارسی

مکان: Assam, India

تاریخ: January 2017

نویسنده: Dr. Hossein Sartipi

نام ژورنال: International Journal Of Humanities & Social Science Studies

نوع ژورنال: ISI {DRJI, Scientific Indexing Service, General Impact Factor}

شماره ژورنال: Volume-III, Issue-IV