Problems and benefits of being a celebrity

مشهور بودن، مشکلات و مزایای آن

Being a celebrity or a famous politician brings problems as well as benefits? Discuss problems and benefits and give your opinion?

Perhaps one of the most controversial issues for celebrities is about to what extent their positions can assist them to line better and more perfectly some pores and cons have been discussed by authors either approve and reject such an individual and social status. It is clear that the life is a real package including its own problems and benefits. This issue is not an exception us well.

The benefits have been raised firstly, when persons want to have an instant glance at the life’s celebrities. Undoubtedly, its advantages are coming to motivate people including teenagers, adults and woman to plan their schedules for being a celebrity. Actors, musicians or politicians or other officials meet their physiological needs by living as a famous citizen. For example, DE kart once said that he does not meet any money earnt by his position he added: I enjoy by famous name in my own town. In addition, fame prepares a myriad of facilities for celebrity to earn more money or be much more successful in his or her business. For example, a lawyer would have worked better in attracting their clients, had he or she been more famous in the society.

On the other hand, some problems are to be mentioned easily. First and foremost, they have to live differently. Their lifestyle has been change profoundly. They cannot live like other people in a normal style. It is not to live under live surveillance with peoples’ observations, when he or she wants to go shopping or have a snack in KFC restaurant in an evening day. Another problem is too controversial their fouls, where as they could hide their mistakes much easily in the past. Media including newspapers, magazines, social networks, TV shows and even NGOs, civil societies and citizens are much more sensitive about their conducts, language and lifestyles then other normal people living around the celebrities.

Having cited about points, I strongly believe in the idea that all subjects influencing our is not live like being a celebrity black and white. We are not allowed to look at issues from a unique dimension. The life is multi dimensions. Hence it depends on persons and their thoughts.

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