illegal smoking in public places

سیگار کشیدن غیرقانونی در اماکن عمومی و حقوق عمومی

In many countries, it is now illegal to smoke in public places. Do you agree or disagree with this law?

One of the most interesting behaviors motivating people t respect for is not to smoke in public places in developed countries. While a vast range of people believe in such on illegal altitude, some citizens think this rule presumably limits their rights. It seems while individualism and socialism are always raised controversially, the right of society is preferred profoundly.

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The right of individuals is vastly accepted in the whole of Haman king history. This mentality is defined in the center of international human rights instruments as well The meaning of freedom, hence, does not allow us to restrict the rights of citizens without any formidable legal evidences. Meanwhile, any constraints should be applied exceptionally. Therefore, some people are to allow lithers to smoke in public conditionally, but they think it is an exception. The survey collected by Education ministry in Australia (2018-Sydney) presents the majority of students studying in high schools in the Western Sydney believe the government cannot prohibit people from their own freedom like smoking in public places, while all of them think smoking in closed spaces is not authorized legally and logically. On the other hand, there is a string logic to limit people from smoking in public. First and foremost, one of the most important governmental duties is to educate people about the health risks of smoking cigarette. The first responsibility of states NGOs, civil societies, media, newspapers and other parties involved is to persuade teenagers and other people who are prone to health threats is to prepare the best knowledge for them about its advantages are disadvantages. Meanwhile, smoking in public is in contrast with such an attitude. In addition, we have to change the cultural atmosphere to reshape social personality. Smoking in public or in TV shows, movies, footages and so on so raised as an antisocial conduct. Last but not least, it is not permitted to irritate people due to our favorite behaviors. Having cited above points strongly believe in the idea that the right of society as a whole is fully accepted in comparison with individualism Nonetheless, the freedom and the right of citizens are important. There is no logical and legal reason to prefer individual rights. This is a vital duty to educate people to live as an effective and good citizen.

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