presence of attorney

حضور وکلا در زمینه های قضایی

The necessity of presence of advocates in judicial contexts.

One of the most important criteria to meet the right of all parties in judicial procedures is to benefit greatly from lawyers in all levels. A fair judicial procedure has not been obtained, it accused charged officially with a crime in a court law, is not allowed to recruit highly lifted advocates. A vast range of reasons has been discussed to approve raised issues in terms of preparing the right of both citizens and the society as a whole in justice.

First and foremost, lawyers including barristers and solicitors play a formidable function to protect accused persons from some intractable conducts. Their roles are robust to meet a avoid prominence of justice. Legal academics and professional are searching and even struggling to define the likes of lawyers in an actual judicial body. Legal community, therefore, always attempt

To determine a legal behavior modification function to distribute distinct perspectives of the role of lawyers in all judicial levels including appeal, supreme and high courts. Such an importance to a great extent is without any fall access to legal services provided by the advocates, justice and fairness to achieve. There is no difference between litigants and offenders. Meanwhile, legality and legitimacy in each judicial body have been assessed by the legal services deducted from formidable defends prepared by barrister, solicitors or lawyers. For example, in international human rights instruments like Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a myriad of necessities and priorities containing the right of having a professional attorney-at-law.

The legal services lead to removing public apathy via making vast sense of legal confidence. It influences the trend of acceleration of social justice. Hence, an affluent judicial body does not work well in favor of abdicating the function of lawyers. In addition, lawyers protect the poor from the arid power of aristocracy like dukes, ears and other members of high social level. Such a necessity is taken as a given in law and democracy. Proponents strong articulate that the ignorance of fully legal access is likely to invoke. And cause Juries-dynamic. Meanwhile, a myriad of examples of social disarrays are found in the history of human. Consequently, this is conceived as an instrumental and categorical need.

Thirdly advocates attribute the achievement of justice to the judges. It is worth mentioning that lawyers and judges are members of legal community. There is no reason to exclude advocates from a fair and just judicial procedure. In such an attitude, lawyers work as a bulwark. They play a vital role to prevent the judges from judging as an autocratic judgment style. Advocates glove a piece of advice to their clients and formidable defenses structured by theoretical and practical legal evidences to the courts to reach the truth.

Last but not least, the legal activities presented by the members of legal community including lawyers, barristers, solicitors, judges and other parties involved like legal experts, arbitrators and mediators have enriched the legal atoms here and removed judicial barriers. The official letters and verbal defends advocates during judicial sessions and the verdicts written by the judges and arbitrators at the end of all judicial procedures, especially in supreme courts have been used as robust materials referred to in law faculties and legal research centers. All documents mentioned above can admonish people in failing to respect for norms or committing different kinds of crimes. Meanwhile, their professional activities are likely to make alacrity followed vastly by people. In addition, law makers can institute new legal rules in order to remove grave anti-social conducts and their consequences. Also parliament representatives can recognize current customs and other cultural ingredients like taboos, totems, conventions, national and indigenous customs and unwritten rules and codify them in conformity with legal knowledge expanded by advocates’ activities in and out of the courts. Although the lawyers ratify their official points vastly accepted be academics in written or verbal defends, their discussions or attitudes can reshape the social personality structuring the destination of a nation. Meanwhile, they can skew their societies and remove the vicious elements of their communities. Having cited above points strongly believe in the idea that the role of advocates is not possible to overlook their role is equally categorized with the judges constitutionally in all developed communities. This perspective can preserve the right of citizens known as human right

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