Homosexuality and haw

رابطه بین همجنس گرایی و قانون

 The relationship between homosexuality and law: religious law system versus western law.

Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial issues around the word is the acceptance of homosexuality. A myriad of lecturers present different views either to accept or reject such a mentality. It is not possible yet to give a definite attitude defending the legalization of homosexuality absolutely.

The vast rouge of authors and law makers instit on refusing this recent phenomenon. The first category views it in terms of religion. Religious ideas does not allow followers to think positively about any authorization in order to legalize homosexuality. They believe it is not extracted. Form the nature of human Inc. Natural law is not to recognize it publicly. Hence, its so-called requirement is not actual and has been justified by non-religious points of view.

Recent report published by NSW university in Sydney represent those who live in religious families in west of Sydney refuse such a belief more than those who live in laic atmosphere. In addition, some people, irrespective of religioun, think the acceptance of this idea will put people in dangerous path and then facie dire consequences. One of the most important results is the calla payoff family integrity. Therefore, the current and future generations will be faced with a disgusting atmosphere increasing a real resurrection day. The research defending this excuse done by Australian High court in 2016 presents the teenagers who brought up in parities putting the principal at family integrity on the desk metaphorically are more relax and faithful than others who believe homosexual relationship in their lives.

On the other hand, some human rights views attempt to justify homosexuality by the current social and individual necessities. They refer to the vital principal on equity and natural. Freedom give human by god of course, some of them believe it has the come from natural rights respected by the vast range of the international human right instruments defending equity between homosexual citizens. They, therefore, believe strongly no one is allowed to have any prohibition for individuals about both what they want to do and who they are keen to marry with. In addition, some men or women love physiologically. The same sex, irrespective of sexual differences. Meanwhile, they put this rationales defending every respectful behavior on the board supported by developed societies. Selected categories assessed by strategic Research Centre (SRC) show the majority of homosexual followers need such since by their nature. This is a natural need and it is not related to any sexual corruption.

Having cited above points, I strongly believe in the idea that homosexual life is a current reality, while religious and logical views oppose this thinking definitely.

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