مزایا و معایب انگلیسی به عنوان یک زبان جهانی

The advantage of the Spread of English as a global language will continue to outweigh its disadvantages

Perhaps, one of the most outstanding issues nowadays is both advantages and disadvantages of English and its metaphoric territory in four corners of the globe. It seems its advantages outweigh, while some negative points have been mentioned by scholars.

First and foremost, English influences people to understand similarly about their lives’ events and accidents. Language is culture bound. People, then, have problems to comprehend other people’s attitude or mentality, because they do not have a unique cultural communication to exchange their comprehension. An oral or writing communication style like English assists people with comprehending the nature and arranging their behaviors in a common manner. Consequently, it is likely to help citizens to live better and more conveniently. A myriad of examples have been observed in Germany approving that speaking or writing in a correct style prepares the host societies to accept immigrants more warmly.

In addition, the vast range of articles, books and scientific researches have been published and publicized in English. Such a vast application is likely to exchange scientific experiences and transform the latest innovations to other societies, specially among the so-called southern countries. It surely helps people who are on the verge of serious damages in different fields including health issues, economic crisis, security and safety concerns and political disorders. They are studying and learning how to tackle their daily problems English also facilitates business and international trade more and more. as a result, English has changed as a useful tool to live better and get to gather in order to achieve human kind’s purposes. they are absolutely justice and welfare.

On the other hand, some scholars and academics have criticized the English as a global language. they are struggling to approve how damaging English is to restrict local or indigenous languages. The understanding of such a consequence is simple yet important to preserve national cultures and domestic conventions  cultural ingredients damaging national language. It is not only likely to threaten the local language, it changes the indispensable parts of the society’s cultural identity, social integrity and family solidarity as well. For example, the meaning of a boy or girl fiend is different in some Islamic countries. Event some of them have been criminalized this kind of relationship as illegal behaviors. Boy and girls are prone to be convicted, if they behave differently. But in some countries where people speak English, it has never been defined as an illegal conducts at all, mo matter whether he or she believes in the kinds of religious.

Having cited above points, I strongly believe in the idea that it is not easy to hide its benefits or justify its drawbacks. It is completely relative. No empirical or theoretical evidences are to reject each of them. But generally it seems its privileges outweigh its shortcomings.

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