Can we have a universal set of laws

امکان وجود مجموعه قوانین جهانی و حقوق بشر

Can we have a universal set of laws for all countries for human rights?

Perhaps, a global set of laws for making is one of the controversial issues in the whole of the human history. While no one is here to claim this dream is absolutely possible, the new approaches in the global atmosphere attempt to give such a code all of us more and more. Nonetheless, a vast majority the lecturers believe in the idea that conflictual perspectives extracted from national and indigenous cultures eventually approve not only the positive achievement of this attitude is so hard, it is likely to increase tense, anxiety between people.

Undoubtedly, two historical origins presenting legal systems entitled: Roman German and Common Law , have been based on so-called necessity to reach a unique set of laws and regulations in international scale. The experience in different communities shows precisely this approach cannot assist human to live better and more perfectly. It is worth mentioning that the greatest and the only goal of the law is to arrange and regulate man’s relationship individually and socially. The growing rate of the legal applications lodged day by day in different countries around the word defends the current legal systems fail to prepare a well-designed surface to reach this achievement.

This is not a secret result, but this question comes up why the states, governments, international organizations, NGOs and other parties involved around the world have focused in expanding common criteria under the well-designed umbrella of international human rights and soon.

This approach has been extracted from a vital daily requirement to fill the incredible vast gap between third world and northern states, moment by the moment. Nevertheless, irrespective of this global accepted necessity, the criteria targeting a scale to dictate people with different cultures does not perform predesigned strategy well. A myriad of reports received from different parts of the world present not only this mentality has been successful to achieve this goal, it has increased conflict and current gap between people as well. It is interestingly likely to accuse people who live in so-called Sothern societies to be criticized for acting against in human rights laws and regulation, while these are not designed by the cultural diversity phenomenon. The main question is whether the state sang in or generations are allowed to citizen profoundly and then convict politically.

The nations and their states and legally not to do these either dictated points respectfully or insure to respect ones. It seems it cannot be acceptable for all secretion and related cases. Therefore, what is of great value is the assist societies in order to design and regulate new individual and social norms and even codify the current customs by their national and local capacities.

To live with freedom is a divine natural gift given us since birthday event. It is crystal clear it is not able to prohibit people from having such a gift People can chose how to live. Hence, the states just attempt to present general rules in order to regulate norms, remove taboos codify customs. They are not more any further, because it will make a serious conflict with national interests and individual privacy.

Having cited above points,  I believe in the idea that it is not logical and legal decision to dictate a set of resend regulations for all people in global atmosphere. However, it can be acceptable to agree considering developed common criteria to live better around the world.

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